What is the Aviva Method?

The Aviva Method is a sequence of 18 dynamic exercise movements that stimulate and strengthen the inner and outer muscles of the lower abdominal area and increase blood-flow to all reproductive organs. By practising the exercises on a regular basis those organs receive a more steady supply of blood, increased amount of hormones, nutrients and oxygen. This stimulation, strengthening and nourishment of the muscles and organs of the pelvic region results in healing of various gynaecological problems, naturally balanced hormones and reproductive health.

Who is the Aviva method for?

The Aviva Method is for women who are looking for a natural and medical intervention-free way to address their reproductive health issues or to complement other ongoing medical or natural therapies.

The method can help women with the following conditions:

  • Painful, heavy or long menstrual periods (irregular menstruation)
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Absence of, or irregular cycles
  • Uncomfortable menopausal symptoms
  • Hormonal weight problems
  • Uterine fibroids, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and early stage Endometriosis

Where can I learn the Aviva method?

You can now learn the Aviva Method worldwide! We recommend that you always learn the method from a certified instructor. Book a live streamed class here:


Contact me for online private or group classes on avivamethod@hotmail.com or come join our group classes in New York City and surrounding areas.
There are also instructors in 20+ countries, check this page for a certified Aviva Method teacher near you: http://avivamodszer.hu/en/aviva-method-instructors.

If there are no Aviva Method instructors in your area or you are unable to attend a course join us for an online class! It’s fun, affordable and full of invaluable information tailored to your need.

You can also learn the movements from the Aviva Method workbooks. For more information or to purchase the books please click here.