Success Stories

I had a wonderful, blessed pregnancy, I grew an enormous belly. Beni was born 40wk12 days, he is a healthy, beautiful baby and I recovered very quickly as well. I’m breastfeeding, I have milk, we are happy, and hoping that we can start a new baby project next year now that we know “the recipe” 😀
I am so thankful to the method, that I had the opportunity to experience this miracle. My biggest dream has come true and I wish the same to others as well.”

“Coming to your workshop last week felt like I’ve been sitting in a dark room all this time and someone has finally turned the lights on! I’m so thankful.” Gabi, UK

“I had an ultrasound last week and received very good news. The size of my fibroid has significantly reduced. I have been doing the exercises for a month and this is the result so far. I will continue with the exercises 🙂 ” Kris, UK

“It has been a year that I attended your class and I have made the best decision when I declined the laproscopy operation. At the time I received an endometriosis diagnosis but I went to a private gynocologyst who diagnosed me with PCOS [polycystic ovarian syndrome].  I kept up with the Aviva exercises, improved my diet and  three months later my next exam already showed improvement.  Six months on I went for a full ultrasound and there were no cysts found.  All in all I am thrilled that I didn’t have to go under the knife and with the exercises and good diet I am able to keep things under control”. Zita, UK

Agnes emailed us in April that she has been trying to get pregnant for two and a half years. She got pregnant the previous autumn for the first time but miscarried when at around 7-8 weeks pregnant. She had long cycles of 34-41 days. She used an ovulation monitor which often did not indicate ovulation at all. Received the following email from her in October:
“I attended your early May workshop and reached my goal pretty quickly. I am currently 21 weeks along and according to the ultrasound my little boy is doing very well. Thank you for everything I learned and the encouragement.”

“I attended your workshop at the end of June right after which I got my period. I practiced the exercises at home three times per week and followed the lifestyle advice you have given. At the end of July I was expecting my next period, which I did not get, and a week later I found out that I have fallen pregnant :)” Fruzsina, UK (diagnosed with PCOS)

“In the month following the workshop I had a regular cycle and ovulated naturally for the first time for as long as I can remember back, but at least for the past 2.5 years . We tried to take advantage of this with my husband, and I am happy to report that I am now 3 months pregnant!” Rita, UK

“My son is now 3 weeks old and doing really well. I carried him to term (in fact he was 15 days overdue!), I pushed him out in just 3 pushes and now he gaining weight really well (he even gained weight in his first week, which is rare for breastfed babies) and my perineum and pelvic floor are recovering so well. I was able to resume my pelvic floor exercises straight after the birth and they felt the same as before, I don’t think I’ve lost any strength in that area at all. I haven’t suffered from stress incontinence at all and  I’m sure it’s all down to the Aviva Method that I did twice a week until the last 2 months of pregnancy where I was doing it about once a week. It’s made such a difference and I can’t wait to start it back up again! I have told all my friends about it and I hope they will realise just how beneficial it is.” Katrine, UK

“I am so incredibly thankful for your advice to get started on the exercises right away. I can now be one of the success stories of the Method as on Friday I am starting my 6th week of miracle-pregnancy. As it is truly a miracle, given that exactly a month following the doctor breaking the news to me that with a 15.9 FSH level I have minimal chance of conceiving naturally I got a pregnancy test result with two lines on it. Of course I have been crying tears of joy all morning.” Orsi, UK

“I only had menstrual cycles 3-4 times per year since I first got my period at 13 years old. As the years went on I started developing large and painful acne on my chin and weight started creeping on, which bothered me more than the irregular periods. My gynaecologist subscribed a strong birth control pill that remedied both the lack of periods and the acne – so I was happy. Every time I tried to get off the pill the acne came back and the periods lacked so I carried on for 10 years! Doing some research on my condition and speaking to other people over the years I self-diagnosed as having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which my new gynaecologist confirmed. He assured me that I can continue taking the pill and when I’m ready to start a family he will “get me started on a different kind of medication”.That’s when I thought to myself – I cannot carry on taking various medication my entire life and keep masking my symptoms. Further reading on PCOS told me that by changing my lifestyle and diet, and with more exercise this disease can be kept under control, not anything any of my doctors ever mentioned over the years… This was also around the time I first heard about the Aviva Method. I made a radical change in the way I ate, stopped taking the birth control pills, learned the Aviva Exercises and practised them 2-3 times per week. I had two periods 34 days apart and in month three fell pregnant with my son. Since his birth I have been doing the exercises again and have regular periods, no acne and have been able to keep my weight under control.” (update: when she and her partner were ready for their 2nd child they conceived within two months)

I received the book and CD about a week ago. Thank you so much.
I was checking it out and just going over a couple of the exercises casually. I was astonished to realize that I had gotten a period about 16 hours later!! I thank you so much for being an advocate of this method and I thank you for bringing hope to my world. Ever so grateful, Jasmine”